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The IT attack protection industry is in need of a paradigm shift. CounterCraft is working on a new type of service that fundamentally transforms the way we have understood computer system protection until now, called Deception Security. It builds virtual illusions and uses counter-espionage techniques to keep malicious hackers away from real computer installations while making it easier to obtain information about their attacks and targets. With techniques and services aimed at transforming the industry, CounterCraft comes to us looking for a strategic approach that is completely disruptive to the firms currently operating in the market.

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Building the brand.

Faced with such a big challenge, the first thing we needed to do was to start building the brand by questioning everything that had to do with how technology brands are positioned today. We started the brand conception by building a strategy, narrative and graphic identity thinking only about CounterCraft's services, its differential values and the target user, senior executives who hire security in large companies.

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A brand that breathes a different language.

CounterCraft's new brand had to send out a completely new message and move away from the image that technology companies have. Moving within the security sector but with a totally different approach, we used an editorial style that totally separates what it represents from other brands.

In addition to selling their service, we had another challenge: to make known a new approach to services in a very saturated sector. To do this, we designed some big messages, which in just a few impacts explain where the brand operates and how it works to its audience, which is not yet familiar with the new IT security.

These messages are complemented with some images that explain what Deception Security techniques essentially do: build false realities and use counterintelligence techniques.

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The firm, which already has 28 employees and offices in San Sebastian (where it is headquartered), Madrid, London and Los Angeles, plans to open another office on the US East Coast soon. The award-winning, subscription-based CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform is already used by more than 20 major corporations and military organisations. Its technology is targeted at large, mature organisations from a cybersecurity perspective.

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