Ezarri is a brand specialising in decorative glass mosaic for unique spaces: swimming pools, wellness, spas and interior design. Their commitment to raise their brand to the level of their business has conquered the field of branding: the narrative, the design, the product and also at all levels of communication, to reach that premium segment in which they are already in, but which must be reinterpreted from our own values and attitude as a brand. At move, we have started a journey with them to turn this product brand into a premium brand. A change driven from a new point of view that acts as a spearhead for everything else, from a strong idea that drives and inspires to talk about a way of doing and being: excellence. Because that is what it really means today to be premium; to be excellent.

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An excellence that involves talking about, understanding and highlighting the care for detail, elegance, intrinsic intelligence in processes and products, sophistication, experience and, of course, ezarri's innovation.

And to do so, to conquer this territory and become a benchmark, to give more value to the power of design, narrative and technology, to unite these three axes and build from them and around them a new visual and communication universe with all the virtues that ezarri would henceforth imprint on everything it did.

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Hence their first brand value was unequivocally their design soul. Because, as devotees of glass mosaic, design inspires and guides them in substance and form, always being meticulously exhaustive in every detail and projecting a new sincerity and respect for what they do, for the human and the technical, for that mixture of qualities that intrinsically reflect quality in processes and products.

A value that we translated into a much clearer image, in a much simpler and cleaner aesthetic that demonstrates with facts that quality, more human, intelligent, transparent, respectful... A logo built from the cleanliness, discretion and elegance that responds and is up to both design environments and industrial environments without ever losing its legibility or personality.

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Together with that soul of design, its expertise, that dedication and mastery as manufacturers, giving from the product itself a careful message of what excellence also means: the confidence that a brand dedicated 100% to glass mosaic gives and that should also be reflected in what is seen and heard of it.

To do this, we gave birth to those other ways of speaking without words, to a suggestive, soft audiovisual world, which does not need to say much to say everything and which, together with a clear and sincere image, allows us to transmit what only experts can: to make the complicated simple.

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The technical mind has been in ezarri's DNA right from the start. A demanding mind, with a unique balance between the rational and the emotional, capable of making the complex simple... And this is how its new image should also be shown: with the pride of being able to make technology beautiful and excellent too, those innumerable data, measurements, plans, drawings..

A way of showing oneself that does not lose effectiveness and that values the balance between the emotional and the rational, the sophistication of the most precise technology and innovation. We work its technical soul from illustrations that work both in industrial and construction environments, and that synthesise the information to communicate very technical details in a very clear way, with a very precise balance between reason and emotion.

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And, all of this, without losing that commitment to quality closely linked to the respect that comes from an innate sustainable culture and that promotes an entirely sustainable path. Although this concept is undoubtedly very pronounced nowadays, ezarri has had sustainability in its genes since its birth 40 years ago. It is, in fact, a key axis of the brand that today is shown and communicated in a much more powerful and clearer way.

Different values combined with a sincere, perfectionist, transparent and authentic way of being. A marked character that always seeks the best; a unique specialisation and a way of understanding creativity as something much more aspirational, evocative and motivating that, one day, would form part of someone's dream space.

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This final reflection, together with a creation process that was firmly anchored in strategy, narrative and design, created a much more avant-garde ezarri capable of basing its value proposition on the absolute prominence of its purpose:

_dreams_are_made_of_mosaics ezarri_

And, together with him and for him, a discourse without impostures, from the naturalness, from the essence, from the simple and motivating. A discourse based on the authenticity of its product and its origin:

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To bring all this into the world of the tangible and the visible meant communicating and showing. To be and to appear. A typography that becomes the protagonist of an identity built to last, on a system of arrangement of elements that allows communicating just what is right and necessary in each medium.

Because Premium also means respect. Respect for those we address, for their (our) environment. A brand that demonstrates quality in this respect, in the transparency of what it says and how it says it, in its more human intelligence, in its closeness, ethics and responsibility. All this to provide a truly Premium experience, differentiated from the rest and with its own style.

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A quality very much based on the images it would choose to talk about itself. We understood that working in the world of dreams required understanding the image as part of the design, as well as part of the interior design. To create evocative spaces that make you dream through what they show. And to do so without forgetting the essential point that unites us to everything that ezarri does: water and its response to contact with the glass mosaic, with the contact of light, with the infinite patterns and series of the brand..

Nature, light and design are the keys to ezarri's new world in movement. Simplifying each image to the maximum and surrounding it with a clean, undistorted environment that enhances both the appearance and the function of each mosaic, elevating it to a premium, dreamlike setting with a meticulous and carefully thought-out treatment of each image.

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One of the challenges of the activation of all our work at Ezarri was Aquarelle. The new collection with which, in addition, the new brand was presented. Textures, colours, watercolour papers, an elegant, sober but emotional and direct discourse... We created imagined worlds in response to that contact between water and watercolour, to that fusion that created the new masses, drawings and mosaic shapes in a suggestive, natural, soft collection.

And, from there, to the digital environment, with the ambition of opening up to the world a whole new and powerful essence that will serve as a reference and inspiration for builders, designers, interior designers, architects... A project with which we reinterpreted the brand by deciphering and understanding the "new" codes of this new Premium territory that we wanted to conquer for ezarri. A new territory that we worked on in different work sessions with the sales team and that we jointly turned into a sales argument. A new ezarri that was launched exclusively, and in style, at Cersaie, the most important showcase for the international ceramic and bathroom sector. A place where the new image, narrative and reference material were presented, raising the perception of the product to the whole world that is demanding, at last, to be able to live the true experience of what exclusive means.

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