We are increasingly aware of the positive impact that a healthy lifestyle has on our daily lives, on improving our performance and achieving our goals. At GlucoVibes we want to offer the possibility of becoming actively and responsibly aware of this reality, in order to establish healthy habits through tools that help us to know and understand ourselves better. Because a healthy life is the best legacy.

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The keys to expressing this idea were anchored in clear personality values: we needed to be vibrant, magnetic, authentic, intelligent, professional, sincere... There was only one thing to do here: enjoy. We just wanted vibes... the good kind.

This is where the inspiration for the naming of the project came from: Glucovibes. A name that reflects the focus on glucose as a differential and innovative element. And energy, in the form of technology and good vibes. The Madrid player Dani Carvajal, the ex-royalist Xabi Prieto and Pablo Benegas, a member of La Oreja de Van Gogh, are some of the members of this community of Vibers who have decided to take a step forward to reach their best version of themselves.

A vibrant identity

With all these ingredients, inspired by the hexagonal shape of the glucose molecule that becomes a symbol, and with an "orange vibes" colour, we created a luminous, energetic and dynamic identity. An identity that is embodied in all the brand's communication tools and that enhances the professionalism of the project, but also the motivation that is pursued to achieve the challenges that a healthy life provides us with.


The film: a day with Glucovibes.

GlucoVibes is many things: it is science, technology and experts in sports medicine, health and nutrition, ready to help us understand the impact of nutrition on our health and the importance of controlling glucose, because it is our main source of energy. In this video, in which some of the Vibers who have joined the project took part, we wanted to show what a day with Glucovibes is like, to show how it works, how it is lived.



Health is an attitude. And we wanted to base the brand's personality on a series of values that make up the brand culture and on a message that reflects the keys to the project: the commitment to learning, but above all, the challenge of enjoying. The brand's personality reflects a perfect combination of the most innovative technology and the scientific empathy of the medical professionals behind Glucovibes. And our message is clear: know yourself, improve yourself, enjoy yourself . Discover how your body works, connect with it and optimise your inner self through continuous motorisation. And above all... enjoy!

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