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Since its inception in 2001, SALTO was created with a single goal in mind: to devise an access control system that was easy to use and extremely efficient, offering users the ability to control all their access needs and secure all doors, without added difficulty or high cost. A major challenge if we take into account the global dimension that the brand has been acquiring, being today a worldwide competitor in its sector. Added to this technological and commercial challenge is that of managing a brand that is present in an infinite number of countries through its own distribution channels and those of others.

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One brand, one personality, worldwide.

-move has worked with SALTO over the last few years aligning its value proposition with its visual style and the use made of it by both the marketing department and any of its distributors worldwide. A work where the brand's identity features have been redefined; chromatisms, typographies, photographic and 3D style, visual keys... To then apply all this new graphic system in each and every one of the main elements of SALTO's communication. A project carried out in constant co-creation with SALTO's marketing team, where Move has created the main guidelines so that the final applications can be executed anywhere in the world without depending exclusively on SALTO's headquarters.

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Not just a graphic brand guide, but a real help to the distributor.

The brand guide that is being developed is based on empathy towards distributors, on the understanding that they are the ones who are going to make real use of the brand and that it is essential that they understand and internalise every feature of it. A guide to improve the use that is being made of the brand, a brand present in the 5 continents where local personalisation of the product is fundamental, but not personalisation in the brand's discourse. The brand is unique and indivisible. That is why the identity traits must be clear and easy to apply.

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Brand architecture, the pillar on which everything rests.

SALTO has been growing as a company and also as a brand, new needs and new fields of action have led to the appearance of sub-brands for products, services, types of clients... This whole universe of brands associated with the SALTO mother brand has to have an order, a hierarchy and a meaning in order to be managed efficiently and to transmit the brand values in an appropriate way. A project that serves to order but also to mark the way for the future of the SALTO brand.

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