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Danobat is a benchmark Basque industrial cooperative in the machine tool sector. It forms part of the Danobatgroup and belongs to the Mondragon Corporation, one of the most important business groups in Europe.

Its figures speak for themselves: more than 135 million euros in turnover, more than 500 people, 90% of its business is aimed at exports, its own manufacturing plants in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, centres of excellence, sales and service centres in the 5 continents..


In a globalised world, the brand is an increasingly important asset to compete. This is how Danobat understood it and this is how our relationship with them began, helping them to build a brand on a par with their business so that in the future the Danobat brand can be a global benchmark in the sector.

The project has focused on three main lines of action:

01 - Building a brand strategy

Able to support, project and communicate Danobat's product and service positioning (specialists in innovative, customised and unique solutions for its customers).

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02 - Develop a whole conceptual, commercial and aesthetic brand world.

In coherence with the strategic decisions taken. First inwards (brand culture and internal development of new brand concepts) and then outwards, to transmit the new Danobat to all its audiences. A new style and tone of brand communication to convey what makes the Danobat brand different and relevant.

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03 - Commissioning

An action plan to activate the brand strategy in the four main areas of action: environments (factories, centres of excellence and offices), communication (catalogues, advertising, trade fairs), product/service (customer experience), culture (internalisation and alignment of the entire organisation).

A medium and long-term project to accompany the brand in all the actions, events, activities and/or supports it needs to constantly project, and in any of them, what makes it different, unique, authentic, relevant and more competitive.

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